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The world of Finance is constantly evolving with advances in technology and digital, as well as new methodologies to streamline process. All of these, and more, ensure there is plenty of news to review and share with our customers, partners and those individuals who would like to join our team too. Our blog offers a combination of advice, news and views on anything and everything that has an impact on Finance, the SME marketplace and the world of working within those areas.

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How to find hidden cash in your company – Part 2

In our first article on helping you to find hidden cash in your company we discussed that during periods of business growth it can be…

How to find hidden cash in your company – Part 1

Businesses grow, however they often start off small and develop into much larger enterprises. What we find is that these businesses need money in order…

How to avoid late payment of your invoices

What are businesses big and small doing to address late payments and how can Government, industry and others solve it? We meet hundreds of SME…

Driving SME business growth with robust financial support for the Manufacturing sector

Get up to 35% funding towards credible financial provision to develop your business with the Manufacturing Growth Programme in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. The Manufacturing Growth…
National Business Women's Awards

Jennifer Raines announced on judging panel for National Business Women’s Awards 2018

The National Business Women’s Awards provides an opportunity to raise the profile of industrious, hardworking and enterprising Business Women nationally.
Direction Decision Chance Opportuinity Intersection Concept

What are your business goals and how can you achieve them?

Taking stock of business goals and how to successfully achieve them are critical.

10 things to do each month to keep your business on the right track

A monthly checklist of 10 things to do, designed to ensure you can easily keep your business on track.
Customer or employees care concept

Successful entrepreneurs are always effective delegators

A growing business requires a shift from a do-it-yourself style to a more hands-off approach.

Make your New Year resolutions good ones!

It’s that time of year again when we all make resolutions to change ourselves for the better.