Are you ready to begin your business recovery training programme?


We recently suggested that, as you find yourself needing to make cost decisions over the coming weeks and months, it’s an opportunity to be building efficient ‘muscle’ and reducing the ‘fat’ in your business recovery.

One of the best ways to think about what’s best for your company is to treat your business recovery and growth exactly like embarking on a personal health kick – you’re looking to ditch the flab, nurture stronger bones and build muscle in all the key places. Everyone can identify with that to some degree, right? It’s the perfect analogy.


Because a ‘fit for purpose’ finance function sits at the centre of it all – it’s the beating heart of your business.

Think about it for a moment. Without this constantly beating heart, your business will struggle more than it needs to – with cashflow stuttering and always feeling uncertain (cash is the blood circulating through your business, if you’d like to extend the analogy). If your heart muscle is in poor condition, whether you’re aware of that or not at this stage, your wider business ‘body’ is in trouble.

You might already be aware of the signs, or maybe you think everything’s fine because the first symptoms are still a couple of months away… Either way, if the beating heart of your business isn’t performing optimally, you’ll know about it sooner or later.

This is the perfect time to take a proactive approach and get your ‘body’ into a tried-and-trusted training programme that will give you optimal ‘cardio fitness’ for years to come. Your business will emerge fitter and stronger than ever before – with a finance function that’s at peak fitness and ready for revenue in a way that you’ve only dared dreamed of!


With a leaner, fitter finance function, your cost base is lower and you’re getting more for less, with the right resources in place and a clear focus on profit and cash.

The training programme we’re referring to is our YRH 12 Key Areas of Impact – a proven application of best practice that not only professionalises your finance function but also has the added effect of optimising cashflow. (It’s like doing a workout to improve your cardio fitness and realising that your legs, arms, core and mindset benefit too!)


YRH 12 Key Areas of Impact


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In just a few weeks’ time, you could be enjoying all the benefits of a finance function that’s fit and toned in all the right places. A strong beating heart that’s purpose-built to improve cash and profit and efficiency in your business –we usually even find a way to cover our own cost in the first place!

If you need a helping hand to pull together insightful management information about the health of your finances, we can quickly get that essential reporting into shape for you too – take a look at this.

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