Recruiting for smaller companies requires innovation in a talent driven market.

Creating a successful organisation is all about finding the right people with the right skills and placing them in roles that engage them on the most challenging issues facing the business.

Large companies have the budget to employ full time people with all the different skills and specialities that they need. In comparison, smaller companies need to introduce innovation to resourcing their talent, otherwise there is a danger of compromising on cost and employing people who may not offer the level of specific experience required.

The finance function is a good example of this challenge. In many growing businesses a skills “gap” can develop between the internal book-keeper and the external accountants. The book-keeper can become too absorbed just keeping up with the increased volume of transactions and the external accountant’s skills are really in tax and historic reporting compliance. This can leave the business owner feeling they’re the only person worrying about tomorrow and that they’re trying to steer their business blindfolded.

Adding full time resource with the necessary skills often isn’t a cost effective option. Part-time resource can be a great solution, but the workplace still largely revolves around full-time roles and finding the right part-time people can be a challenge.

As SME’s continue to drive the growth of the UK economy, innovative solutions are being developed to address exactly this sort of need. Our part-time structured finance team approach is specifically designed to allow SME’s to get all the right skills in place long before they need a full time team.

When we start working with a new client our initial priority is to define who in the organisation is responsible for doing which finance jobs, and when. We can then fit our team around your current resource and help support and develop them. If you’d like help restructuring your finance team, then email or call 01252 820002 and speak to our regional team. We’re always happy to help and offer a free two-hour initial review to help you understand how to make valuable changes to support your business growth.