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The world of Finance is constantly evolving with advances in technology and digital, as well as new methodologies to streamline process. All of these, and more, ensure there is plenty of news to review and share with our customers, partners and those individuals who would like to join our team too. Our blog offers a combination of advice, news and views on anything and everything that has an impact on Finance, the SME marketplace and the world of working within those areas.

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business rehab

Build your business rehab programme

How’s your business rehab programme looking? I personally think the ‘rehab’ concept is a really useful approach to planning to get your business back up…
cut fat build muscle

It’s decision time – cut fat, build muscle

It’s time to start making some tough decisions… cut fat build muscle. To be in the best possible shape to get back in the game,…
make forecasting your friend

Make forecasting your friend

The importance of cashflow forecasting can never be over-estimated. But it’s an especially key business activity during uncertain times, when trading conditions are ‘challenging’ at…
Cashflow Forecast template

FREE Cashflow Forecast Template

The cash crunch could be coming… Forecast today and download your 13 week cashflow forecast template Hello again I’ve got another word of warning for…

Submitting your first claim for Furlough costs

A dedicated guide to help you navigate the key questions you need to answer to submit your first claim for Furlough costs. Hi there This…
get paid by customers

Making Sure You Get Paid by Customers

Some quick advice – Founder to Founder… Hello there For some reason, my brain’s more busy than normal (can’t think why!) and my thoughts are…
working from home

Are distractions pulling you away from priorities?

Working from home and how to effectively manage your time and those unwelcome distractions Hello again – did you manage to enjoy a little downtime…
free financial scenario planning template

Free financial scenario planning template

A free template and call to help your scenario planning … Hi there – how are things looking for you this week? Following on from…