A dedicated guide to help you navigate the key questions you need to answer to submit your first claim for Furlough costs.

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This will hopefully make you smile…

How many finance people does it take to deal with a seemingly innocuous HMRC question?

About 57! (Can you believe that?!)

Ha, ha! This was the experience in my business last week, when we were tackling the CJRS forms that would enable us to claim the 80% grant for the costs of staff who have been furloughed.

How did you get on? Did any of the questions trip you up?

If you jumped straight onto the CJRS portal when it launched on Monday and submitted your application smoothly, you’ll hopefully have already received your first tranche of furlough funding from HMRC. If that’s the case, well done you!

If you haven’t yet done that – or, like us, had to ponder on what the question was really asking for in order to answer some of the questions – here’s what you need to know.

We’ve pulled together a dedicated guide to help you navigate the key questions you need to answer to submit your first claim for furlough costs. You can download it here – and please feel free to share it with the person who’s handling your payroll for you. (If that’s your responsibility, we share your pain and can sob quietly together!)

Just so you know, the question that had us pondering asked for the bank address of the business – and caused no end of confusion… A quick poll around our team resulted in a 60/40 split on what the correct response should be. So we just rang HMRC and asked them – and the answer you need to give is the address of your company, NOT the address of your bank. So that’s cleared that one up, and we’ve saved you the time and effort of having to ask another 57 people!

Please do take a look at our guide to the CJRS – it’s on our dedicated Covid-19 SME Financial Support Hub (along with a host of other useful resources) – and use it to reduce your stress levels. We’re always happy to share our best practices to help make life a little easier for you.

With love,
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Jennifer Raines, YRH Founder

Jennifer Raines, YRH Founder

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