Do you know exactly what your business finances look like? Are your costs entirely under your control? Do you have such in-depth knowledge of your budget that you understand where your business is heading and whether you can make those important financial decisions regarding its future?

As a business owner or executive, no doubt you will have experienced plenty of financial stresses and strains, but if you’re losing your way because you have no financial visibility, then you might need the help of a Your Right Hand financial controller.

A YRH financial controller will professionalise your business, optimise its accounting function and make it more sustainable so that you can move it from fledgling to fully-fledged. They have the skills and capability to design and manage a tailored system that is not only specific to your type of organisation but is also appropriate to the present stage of your business.

Meet our Team

Here’s how some of our Financial Controllers help our clients:

Rebecca adds value by identifying areas for improvement, problem-solving and implementing new processes. She monitors output and provides meaningful management information to her clients so that they can make the right decisions for their businesses.

Louise is an FCA with over 10 years post qualified experience gained across a variety of industries. She enjoys getting to know her client’s business, adding value by implementing system efficiencies, strengthening controls and ensuring accurate and timely financial information.

Mirian is a commercially-aware Financial Controller with 10+ years of experience working with SME’s. She is passionate about helping them grow and adds value by implementing scalable systems and processes. She provides meaningful financial information that brings visibility to the business and helps her clients make sound decisions.

In the article “What is a Financial Controller” we show how with one of our financial controllers you’ll have peace of mind that your accounting function is operating at its optimal level and your business is prospering.