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What size businesses do you work with?

While we’d love to be able to help every SME business, we know that we’re typically able to add the most value to growing businesses with a turnover of £1m+.

But, as in business, there are no hard and fast rules. So we’re always happy to have a chat about whether we could be the right fit for you. And if we’re not, the chances are we’ll be able to happily point you in the right direction of someone else within our trusted network.

Are you a recruitment/temp agency?

Absolutely not. We’re an accountancy firm – just not your typical bean counters! Built specifically for growing SMEs, we work as your in-house, affordable and part-time finance team, giving you access to exceptional accounting support that will improve your profit and your cashflow.

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Will I be tied into a lengthy contract? What happens if I need to change how much support I need?

We’re purposefully structured with flexibility and scalability in mind, so there are no lengthy tie-ins and you’re free to flex the level of support you need at any time – simply discuss it with your dedicated Regional Partner.

Most of our clients work with us for nearly 4 years on average. But that’s because they choose to take us on their journey as their businesses grow, rather than because of any long-term contract.

What do your services cost?

That depends on the level of support you need. We’ll assess your accounting needs and personalise a package that’s exactly right for you – giving you the expertise you need, within your budget. We’re an affordable, scalable solution for growing SME businesses, so we definitely won’t break the bank! In fact, in many cases, we free up enough cash to pay for ourselves within the first 6 weeks.

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Wouldn’t it be more cost-effective for me to hire someone directly on a part-time basis?

Our costs are comparable to employing directly, but without all the hassle and cost of recruiting, team management and employment costs. With YRH, you get access to high-calibre SME finance specialists who we know will make a positive difference to your business. It’s an opportunity for you to benefit from the best people and the best practices, guaranteed – and to easily flex this mix of expertise as your business grows.

Would you work in conjunction with my existing bookkeeper/in-house team?

Definitely. Because we specialise in supporting growing SMEs, we’re used to working with existing team members and “filling the skills gap”. Drawing on our best practice, we’ll help you establish an effective, efficient finance function and we can also help develop and evolve your team, if required.

Can’t my ‘year-end’ accountant help me with management reports?

Only if they can offer the right expertise. Traditional accountants, who have a background in year-end accounts and tax returns, become really knowledgeable in that area, but don’t know their way around management reports. Whereas accountants who have worked in companies their whole career become experts at providing insightful management information, forecasts and analytics that make a positive impact on profit and cash. You’d always want a racehorse running in the Grand National, rather than a carthorse, right?

Are you able to work with us on a hybrid basis – both remotely and on-site?

Absolutely. Whether you’d like to have someone on-site, working remotely or a blend of the two, our team are happy to work in whichever way works best for you and your business.

Do you have examples of other SME businesses you’ve helped?

We love sharing the stories of the fantastic small businesses we work with. Take a look at our success stories to read our latest case studies and watch our video testimonials to hear first-hand what our clients say. If you’d like to talk to some of our clients, please just ask.

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I’m not sure what support I need. How will you assess what’s right for my business?

It’s not uncommon for SMEs to be unsure what support they need to fix their issues – that’s where we come in! It all starts with a conversation. We want to hear all about you, your current frustrations and where you want to take your business. Then we’ll conduct a financial review and health check of your business (our unique Finance Function Score), before sharing our recommendations – along with a roadmap that’s bespoke for your business.

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How do you select which of your team will work in our business?

Each and every YRH team member has come from a commercial background and has extensive experience of working within both SMEs and larger organisations across a range of industries. So you can rest assured that you’ll have access to the very best finance people. We’ll also spend time understanding your company culture, values and any industry nuances to ensure you get the best fit for your business.

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Are all YRH principals qualified accountants?

Most of our team members are either fully or part qualified accountants, although some of our best people are ‘qualified by experience’. Our rigorous recruitment process includes five touchpoints for every applicant, including at least two technical tests, and we only invite 1 person in 73 to join us – because we want to be sure of working with the very best too!

What is the YRH best practice based on?

The YRH best practice is based on our decades of combined experience of working in both larger corporates and SME businesses, all at different stages of growth and across many industries. We continuously update and retrain our best practice, and invest heavily in ensuring our team members are always up-to-date with the latest technology – there are no dinosaurs here!

What areas of the finance function are YRH able to help us with?

Everything we do is designed to take away your accounting and financial management pains, leaving you free to focus on what you do best. So just tell us your challenges and we’ll take it from there!

Many business owners don’t know what a finance function should be doing, so we use the YRH ‘12 key areas of impact’ framework to give you clarity on that too.

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How do I know if you can provide support in my location?

While our HQ is in Surrey, we offer extensive coverage of the UK and are expanding rapidly. Take a look at our contact us page to find your nearest region and get in touch about specific locations.

How can I speak to someone about my business?

We’re always happy to have a chat – and there are lots of ways to get in touch with us.
Take a look at our contact us page for details.

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