How cashflow facilitates growth

If you know you need to improve cashflow in your business, you’re certainly not alone. Many SME business owners struggle with this aspect of their finances. Getting to grips with the likely flow of cash through your business is one of the key challenges for a business with growth aspirations. It’s an essential requirement for sustainable business success – and a problem that’s easily solved.

However, a cashflow forecast is only the start – there are lots of different levers you can press that will actually make your cashflow better. And many business owners don’t know about these…

Tapping into the right level of part-time expertise will help you and your team streamline your finance function in a way that optimises credit facility and accounts payable activities – to maximise cash in your business while helping you establish a solid reputation for regular supplier payments.

5 fundamental benefits of optimising cashflow in your business


Implement processes that specifically help to maximise cash in your business.


Get paid by your customers on time, every time.


Gain peace of mind about your ability to meet payroll and supplier payment demands.


Build a savings pot to weather future uncertainties.


Fund your growth without borrowing.

“I couldn't ask for more, YRH come with innovative solutions, simplify complex processes and are not afraid to come forward with suggestions – they have cleaned up payroll and pensions, have a handle on VAT and our cashflow is improving!”

CEO, Technology provider


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