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SME owners frequently struggle with producing financial forecasts and budgets for their businesses. Many spend considerable time and effort on the process, only for the completed budget to sit untouched until year end. A budget is not so much about the numbers, but about the actions that will generate better numbers. So realistic sales, cashflow and profit & loss forecasts and appropriate budgets are essential if you want to be able to get better results and achieve the growth you want.

Why do business owners struggle with forecasting? Because it’s as much an art as it is a science and, as such, it calls for specialist skills. Forecasting isn’t something you can simply ask your accountant or bookkeeper to help with – it requires a greater level of financial and commercial insight.

5 essential benefits of robust financial forecasting and budgeting reports


Gain peace of mind with visibility over your numbers and their implications.


Remove the guesswork and keep your profit on track.


Gain confidence with a clear, concise view of likely performance in the months and years ahead.


Create different scenario plans to cope with any uncertainty.


Gain the ability to make the right decisions at the right time to ensure business growth.

“YRH are an invaluable asset to our business. They are able to produce and explain the meaning of the numbers with refreshing clarity and a level of insight that I don’t know where I could find elsewhere. Oh, and they do a mean spreadsheet.”

Daniel Hare, Operations Director, Phoenix Ltd


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