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As part of our commitment to supporting SME business owners, we’re more than happy to share our knowledge. Take a look at our handy guides, videos and our latest reports and templates.

How to find the hidden cash in your business

Cashflow is the key to ensuring the success and sustainability of any growing business – not least because you need cash to be able to grow in the first place. Find out how to unlock the ‘hidden’ cash in your business with our handy guide.

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Man working on laptop

Your guide to accounting automations

Automating aspects of your accounting function can be a fantastic time-saver and will also help you unlock a whole host of benefits that come with professionalising your accounting processes.

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Lady working at desk

Your guide to cashflow forecasting

The importance of cashflow forecasting can never be over-estimated. But it’s an especially key business activity during uncertain times. Download our free cashflow forecast template to get started.

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Regrouping with resilience guide

Regrouping with resilience: Insights from SMEs

Last year SME business owners from across the country shared their challenges and thoughts with us as they faced one of the most difficult environments we’ve ever experienced.

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Discussing data analysis

How to increase your profitability

There’s really only two basic ways you can improve profit in a business – sell more and
spend less! Download your free guide and discover how small changes can yield big rewards for your business.

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Business performance

Your guide to financial scenario planning

Forecasting or scenario planning and risk mitigation are intrinsically linked so smart business owners keep a watchful eye on their numbers at all times.

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Riding the rollercoaster guide

Riding the rollercoaster: Insights from SMEs

In the Autumn of 2020, as the UK entered its 2nd lockdown, YRH Finance Team asked SME business owners from across the country to tell us how they were doing; from the impact of the pandemic; to how they were preparing for the future.

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Your credit control checklist

Could your credit control be tighter? Do you know how much you’re owed – right now? Could better credit control be helping your business? Find out what good credit control looks like with our 11-point checklist.

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Know your numbers guide

Know your numbers to grow your business

With the right management information at your fingertips, it can be relatively easy to optimise your profits and your cash flow from what you already have – you just need to know which levers to press.

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Video guides

Jennifer Raines

Diving into your numbers – mitigate risk and increase your profit

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Jennifer Raines

How to upgrade your credit control process to get paid on time, every time

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Alicia Offord

How to keep your business safe with simple financial controls

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Gayle Douglas

How to automate your data entry

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Jane Ryan

How to ensure nothing gets forgotten in your accounts area

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Lisanne Dawson

How to improve your cashflow

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Pam DeHavilland

How to get paid faster using effective invoicing

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