“We provide flexible finance expertise combined with proven methodology and systems to give businesses peace of mind.”


Our part-time bookkeepers, management accountants and financial controllers support business owners and finance directors in companies that are typically turning over between £500,000 and £5,000,000. We know that businesses growing in this space often don’t need and shouldn’t have to pay for a full-time accounts team so YRH gives you access to a service that can flex as your business needs change.

Our aim is to help you be more successful by providing meaningful and intelligent management information and robust day to day financial support within your business.

We work with our clients in partnership… we’re in it together and we’re here for the long haul. We believe in working right in the heart of the organisation as part of the team, providing real peace of mind and helping you and your business be more successful.

Our Team Based Approach

Our approach is based on two core elements – top talent combined with proven methodology.

Together, these offer a flexible, capable, part-time finance function that supports your business, giving you clarity, confidence and total peace of mind that your finance is being expertly taken care of.

This allows you more time to focus on the bigger picture and growing your business.

Benefits of Working with YRH

Affordability & Flexibility

We are an affordable choice for companies who don’t need, or who prefer not to have the commitment and expense of a full-time accounting team, by providing high level talent on a part-time basis for a fraction of the cost of a full-time team.

We offer a low-risk solution with no tie ins. Our clients work with us for as long as we’re adding value. We offer total flexibility in skill sets as your business priorities develop, ensuring that you only pay for the relevant expertise when you need it. We provide a professional finance function that supports your growth strategy, rather than just overhead cost.

Expert Talent on Tap

Working with YRH, you gain access to high calibre, blue-chip finance talent. We provide quality assured people whom we match for ‘fit’ as well as their finance experience and skill sets, to ensure you always have the right expertise on tap to meet your business needs and they seamlessly fit into your team.

We are part of the Liberti family of brands, meaning you can gain access to over 500 business experts across many disciplines and geographies. All the companies in the group offer access to high calibre part-time professionals operating in a unique global, team-based support structure.

Proven Methods & Systems

We have developed a consistent, tried and tested methodology for delivering high quality work which comes from combining our big company commercial expertise and discipline combined with clearly defined processes and adapted to benefit smaller companies.

We’re systems agnostic and we love technology for the efficiency it brings to any finance function. YRH work with the leading accounting systems and ensure our team are adept at using each of them. We continuously invest time in keeping up to date on advances in these systems so you don’t have to.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, please get in touch.

Our dedicated team here at YRH are always happy to help.

Our Partnerships

We are part of the Liberti family of brands, meaning our clients gain access to over 500 business experts across many disciplines and geographies. Across the companies within the group, we offer access to high calibre part-time professionals within HR, Sales, Legal and Marketing, amongst others.

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