Get greater financial control

Improving the availability of cash in a business starts with having a robust and trustworthy cashflow forecast. One that can flex to take account of different possible events and considers historical market behaviours to predict future business outcomes.

Your Right Hand provides experienced Financial Controllers who are expert at preparing cashflow forecasts. We know where to find, and how to unlock the cash in your business. We have an established way of helping your business take back control of money and identifies where the financial constraints are. Then we work with your team to unlock those constraints and get that cash working for your SME again.

We'll get your finance function working harder

How Cashflow facilitates growth

Business growth requires investment, more staff, more time and expense. The trouble is, the bigger and more complex a business becomes, the harder it is to get hold of ready cash. We can help your business to overhaul back office operations to unlock cash tied up in infrastructure, then put the cash to work to help your business grow.

Unlocking that cash isn’t just about chasing up outstanding accounts. It also includes streamlining your existing processes, optimising your accounting and HR systems, and ensuring you only pay the tax you owe. Let our team of professional accountants and financial controllers take care of every aspect of cashflow management, presenting a clear picture of how cash is moving through your business. From this clear picture, you’re able to make the most informed financial decisions for business growth.

Benefits of Cashflow Management


  • More control and improved options for business cashflow
  • Get a clear picture of business finances
  • Reduced risk of bad debt
  • Better investment options
  • Total peace of mind with professional accounting advice

Industry-Leading Cashflow Advice

Our financial managers have experience in corporate-level operations and give the best advice for your cashflow needs.

Unlock Your Cash

The Your Right Hand Finance team will guide existing payroll and finance teams to help your SME unlock the cash tied up in your business

Support Business Growth

Our Financial Controllers can turn your finance function into a facilitator for business growth, rather than an obstacle to expansion.

How to Increase Profitability

Download your free guide and discover how small changes can yield big rewards for your business.

  • Streamline your revenue channels
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Audit your costs and outgoings
  • Develop new ways to optimise your finances

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Management Information

Our highly trained team are proficient with all the systems you use and need to help your business run more smoothly.


Using data-driven approaches, we’re able to provide forecasting for investment opportunities and potential challenges so you’re always prepared.

Data Analysis

We’re able to dive deep into your data to provide valuable insights into your finances.