Seamlessly Integrated Credit Control Service

Sometimes it’s difficult to pick up the phone and chase up an invoice. At best, the call feels awkward. At worst, it can damage an important client relationship. Having an integrated credit control process means you don’t have to have those difficult conversations.

Trying to keep on top of your cash flow is a common issue for many businesses. It might be that you don’t have the time, resources or expertise to execute effective credit control. That’s where Your Right Hand comes in. We respect your client relationships and take the fear out of credit control. Our credit control process is designed around your financial needs and integrates naturally into your existing business framework.

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The Importance of Expert Credit Controllers

Credit control isn’t just about getting paid on time. It’s also about maintaining control over your cash flow. Our credit control process gives you total transparency of what monies are owed and when payment can be expected. This will help you to make accurate fiscal forecasting for your business.

We also help mitigate risk by performing regular credit checks on your customers and clients. Circumstances change regularly and just because a company has historically been a reliable payer, it doesn’t mean that their financial position can’t change. We’ll keep you informed of potential risks.

We can also help to reconcile customer accounts whether they’re unresolved or delayed. Business relationships are key to success and our credit control service reconciles payment issues with respect and understanding.

Benefits of our Credit Control Service

  • Improved bank balance for your SME
  • Reduced risk of bad debt impacting cashflow
  • More clients pay you on time helping to boost profits
  • We can improve cashflow from 25% – 37% within 7 weeks

Cashflow Control

We give you complete control over your accounts so you can make accurate cashflow projections

Total Security

We know that handing over cashflow management is daunting. Our credit controllers are trained to the highest standards to give you total peace of mind

Scalable Service

We help support your business growth by scaling our credit control service alongside your changing need

How to Increase Profitability

Download your free guide and discover how small changes can yield big rewards for your business.

  • Streamline your revenue channels
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Audit your costs and outgoings
  • Develop new ways to optimise your finances

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