Turn financial data into growth

Business owners need to know where their business is going financially. But to do that, they need to know where they stand right now. With business finances becoming more and more complex, this becomes challenging as a business grows. To help business owners make sense of their position and inform decision making, we provide clear and concise Management Information Reports.

We understand that every business has its own key measures to track. We help you identify which measures to track and will provide the most value, as well as generating reports that will help business owners make data-driven decisions for their SME. We’ll provide accounting reports that go to the depth and complexity needed for your business; we can provide a big picture overview through to a detailed breakdown of every data point.

Looking for financial insights for your SME?

Simple, actionable financial insights

Our accounting team have extensive experience in business leadership and financial management. Rather than simply crunching the numbers, our financial controllers work with your finance data to provide actionable, enterprise-level insights to help grow your business.

Choose Your Right Hand as your SME accounting service provider and we’ll assign you a dedicated Finance Controller to help give you a clearer picture of where your business is today, how it got there and where it can go in the future.

We’ll work with you to establish core Key Performance Indicators for your business growth and produce reports that go into the level of financial detail needed to make data-driven business decisions. For total clarity and control, we provide a user-friendly dashboard that shows you exactly what you need and when you need it.

Our Management Information Reporting tracks against your business plan and established KPIs so you can see how well your business is performing at any time.

Benefits of management information reporting


  • Corporate-level financial management experience
  • Get a clear picture of your business results
  • Establish a workable financial plan, with measurable KPIs
  • Make better business decisions to promote growth and profitability

Clear, realistic views

Our Financial Controllers will help you understand where your business is financially.

Accessible management reporting

We produce management reports in a style, format and level of detail that’s relevant to your business needs.

Support business growth

Turning financial insights into a facilitator for future business growth by providing meaningful management reports.

How to Increase Profitability

Download your free guide and discover how small changes can yield big rewards for your business.

  • Streamline your revenue channels
  • Improve your cashflow
  • Audit your costs and outgoings
  • Develop new ways to optimise your finances

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