Here’s a flavour of who we are, our heritage, our story and our team.

YRH give business owners peace of mind that their accounting is being done properly and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of a full time financial manager. We allow you to gain clarity around your financial position today and visibility of what’s coming around the corner, allowing you to make well informed and confident business decisions that result in more cash, more profit and more time to devote to looking at the bigger picture! Who we are as an organisation and our culture is very much influenced by this unique service offering.

Spring 2017 saw YRH celebrate 10 years in business and we are now a team of over 50, providing our unique combination of expert talent and proven methodology to a wide range of B2B and B2C organisations located throughout a variety of regions across the UK.

The YRH Story

“I started YRH back in 2007 because I wanted to improve business owners’ lives by helping them have more successful companies At the time I was at a point in my career where I’d spent over 20 years working with over 30 companies. I worked with a variety of organisations that were start-ups, fast growing, shrinking and, sadly, ones that were in crisis and failing. The common factor throughout was they were in periods of great change and invariably had little or no process in their finance function. On the flipside, I also spent a fair number of years setting up, working in and leading finance departments of big, steady corporates that had well-established group structures and policies with financial discipline in bucket loads!

I took the best of the good practice from those larger corporates and developed a way of bringing their discipline and functionality to SME companies in a “lite” way. I believed back then (and time has proven me right) that smaller businesses could be more successful if they had an “Accountant” on board who came from a commercial background rather than practice. One who knew how a highly effective accounting function could support business decision making, strengthen the financial position of the business and contribute some financial “common sense” to the company.

I realised that the business could gain strength by being part of something bigger so, in 2012, I partnered with The Liberti Group (founded by The FD Centre, the No 1 provider of part time Financial Directors in the world). YRH are technically a “sister company” and we have some common ownership although the business is still owned, controlled and driven by me. This partnership has given us access to a great business model, new business opportunities, infrastructure and methodology that we would otherwise not have had, or the budget for, until we were much bigger."


Jennifer Raines


"In a nutshell, I wanted to improve business owners’ lives by helping them have more successful companies."



Our People

YRH is 100% a people business. We're proud to have built a team which combines blue-chip finance talent who deliver our services to our clients, alongside our highly experienced central management and leadership team who take care of operations, infrastructure, training, marketing, client delivery and sales.

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