YRH is now a team of 80+ principals covering more than half the country, providing our unique combination of expert talent and proven methodology to a wide range of B2B and B2C organisations.

Jennifer Raines, judge for National Business Women's Awards


Jennifer is our CEO and founder of YRH Finance Team and still plays a very hands on role within the business. She says, “I am passionate about helping owners get what they want from their businesses. I believe that many businesses should be more profitable and valuable, and that it’s the accountants’ role to unlock the financial and operational truths to help an operation become more successful.”

Jane Ryan


Jane has worked for and with SMEs for over twenty years in both finance and operations. She is passionate about helping small businesses grow and develop, and is adept at putting in place the systems and structures needed to ensure there is a firm foundation to drive and manage success. Jane brings that wealth of experience to the team here at YRH as our Operations Director.

Adam Smith


Adam is our Regional Partner for the North of England & Wales and has a long history of dealing mainly with SME Business Operators of all shapes and sizes. As an entrepreneurial SME business owner, he has a unique understanding of the daily challenges of running a successful business and the value of having access to high quality finance data to help you grow and develop the business.

Adrian Frost


Adrian is our Regional Partner for Surrey. With a business development and strategic planning background, Adrian shares the same passion as entrepreneurial SME business owners. He has had several management roles in the private sector, including MD of an SME for 12 years, with extensive experience of managing transformational change and meeting growth objectives.

Steve Owens


Steve is our Regional Partner for the Beds, Bucks & Herts region. He is a highly experienced business manager, who excels in a goal-driven environment. Having worked across multiple market sectors (fuel, logistics, telecom, advertising), he is looking to offer the wealth of knowledge and expertise to all clients.


Tim is our Regional Partner for London South. He has a wealth of experience in business strategy, sales management and change management. Tim has worked across a variety of sectors, spending time as a Managing Director, as well as successfully focusing on consultancy level roles.


Abiel enjoys helping Micro and SME clients with all the day to day Bookkeeping and Management Accounts. He regularly provides business support to clients, including software training ( such as Xero and Quickbooks). He thoroughly enjoys resolving client accounting, tax and business issues.

Alicia Offord


Alicia is a qualified FCCA who originally trained in practice before moving to the retail industry. She is passionate about using her varied experience to help SME’s implement process improvements in order to gain insightful and meaningful MI, along with robust forecasting and cash management to support future growth.


Alison has over 20 years experience working within an accountancy role for a number of varied clients over the years, Alison is very adaptable and will add value where she can.

alina allinson


Alina is MAAT and ACCA finalist with hands-on experience in a variety of industries. Her expertise lies in her ability to identify and resolve accounting issues and find the solutions to achieve objectives.


Aliya is a seasoned finance professional, currently specialising in the SME market, across multiple industries. She has in-depth knowledge of building and scaling up a reliable accounting team whilst implementing and improving processes. With over 10 years experience in finance, Aliya enjoys helping SME clients grow and add value, by measuring her impact on the business whilst providing meaningful financial information that brings visibility to the business by helping clients make strategic decisions

Andrew Cunningham


Andrew has over the last 30 years built up a solid financial background dealing with SME in different sectors and industries. He has always developed useful management information for business owners and other stakeholders to make timeous decisions.


Anvita has a MBA in Financial Management and have worked in accountancy across various industries for over 15 years. Her strength is in data analysis and compiling insightful reports and she enjoys preparing management reports, analysis and cash forecasts.


Bal has worked and helped small businesses for over 20 years. He has been a right hand for the small business to thrive. He is happy to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences to all his clients. As a technically qualified accountant, he can add benefits to all clients’ finance operation.

Caroline Fiorenzio


Caroline enjoys the variety and challenge of working for different businesses. She uses her experience to help SME owners develop and understand their business finances, as well as implementing new process improvements and software packages as necessary to help them gain the most from their systems.


Claire is a qualified ACA, her career experiences includes senior finance positions within a corporate environment and as a co owner and director of a start up consultancy business. Claire enjoys enabling SME’s to thrive through financial insight, planning and process.

Dawn Baker


Dawn is a very experienced and capable Finance Manager with many years working in a wide variety of companies. She enjoys streamlining client’s finances and significantly improving their cashflow. Dawn is adaptable and can work either independently or as part of a team.

Dawn Fox-Banks


Dawn is a Financial Controller for YRH. Her expertise is with SME companies where she can be hands-on with company finances. She enjoys all aspects of accounting, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow through to the delivery of top quality financial and management information.


Dean is a qualified accountant with over 15 years of experience working for a number of businesses in a variety of different industries. He enjoys working with clients to make their processes and systems more efficient to maximise business performance.

Esther Abayasekara


Esther is a qualified ACMA with years of experience in many industries in the large and SME Companies. She now users this knowledge to work with the SME’s providing customised Management Information and accurate Financial Accounting.


Fay is a hardworking hands-on AAT Bookkeeper with over 35 years experience in various industries. Her core strength is working alongside small to medium businesses to improve their financial processes and accounting functions. She is very passionate in her work, a good communicator and trainer.



Gayle is a Financial Controller with an excellent track record in delivering accurate financial information for a number of SMEs as well as large corporations. Gayle has over 20 years experience in finance and nearly 10 years with YRH. Her passion is process improvement and delivering accurate, useful, timely information for her clients.

Gina Viegas


Gina has successfully run and sold her own business and one of her greatest strengths is understanding the true challenges businesses face. She is a highly attentive Finance Manager with over 20 years experience. Gina has a degree in Accounting & Administration and an MSc in Business & Management. Her energy lies in really helping SMEs become more successful.


Gordon is a finance professional with over 25 years managing all aspects of the finance function. He is particularly skilled in process control/implementation of financial systems, ensuring a smoother approach to professional, accurate & more timely accounting.

Gurjit Sekhon


Gurjit is an FCA with 20+ years of experience as a financial controller managing the finance functions of a plc corporate office and various SME businesses.  Gurjit has a varied skillset to help owners develop and manage their business finances, to improve the accuracy and efficiency of financial information.

Jaishree Pandav


Jaishree has a varied experience of the accounting function within industry which she is able to apply to support the clients’ accounting team and identify any changes to current processes.  She’s adaptable and can work within a team or independently.


Jai has his Masters in Accounting and has worked in large corporates, across various industries for over 10 years. He is good at telling stories with numbers and who doesn’t like good stories! For Jai, trust is key in the kind of roles he performs and he gains the trust by providing insightful insight through his analysis.



Jan is an experienced financial controller who has worked for a diverse range of businesses. She particularly enjoys the hands-on aspect of working with SME’s where she can make a difference, improving systems and adding value.

Jane Mears


Jane is an extremely experienced Finance Manager and has worked with a number of small/medium sized businesses. She really enjoys working with her clients to help them grow and develop their businesses through sound financial management.

Joanne Smith


Jo is a qualified accountant who enjoys the variety of working with a portfolio of clients. Having worked in both practice and commerce she has a wide range in experience which she uses to help clients understand their business and streamline processes in all areas of finance.

Kairi Mansouri


Kairi is enthusiastic, well organised and has a BA degree in Aviation Company Management and an MBA in Financial Management. In addition, she is an ACCA affiliate and enjoys further developing her skill set. She has years of financial management experience in both public and private sectors. Kairi ensures timely and quality financial outputs and tailors financial services to suit the individual clients’ needs to make them feel supported and well looked after.


Kiera is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants with an MBA from the University of Derby. She has worked in Industry for over 20 years and enjoys helping businesses realise efficiencies through optimal use of their Systems and Data.

Lauri Callaghan


Experienced Finance Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the SME sector.  Skilled in Management Accounts, Budgeting, Forecasting, Team leading, transactional accounts and much much more. Lauri is passionate about helping you to enhance your business profitability and to wheedle out those issues that might be buried deeply and is excited about the future with Your Right Hand Finance Team.


Leanne is a FMAAT. She has gained experience in Practice and a variety of SME industries over the last 15 years. She is a highly organised, detail orientated and dependable professional, who has the ability to apply her accounting knowledge and experience to a diverse range of financial issues.

Linda Atsain


Linda is an ACCA Member with several years of accounting experience. Her career has mainly been developed working with various SMEs such as franchise businesses and mass participation events organisations. Linda has a passion for SMEs and enjoys helping them develop, expand and become more successful.



Linden has ten years of experience working across industries from entertainment to private equity. He particularly enjoys helping clients improve their systems and relishes becoming a dependable bedrock for their function.

Lisa Wood


A solid background in bookkeeping within small businesses, Lisa has a professional and conscientious approach to her work, making sure that the company records show an accurate cash position. She enjoys working as part of a team and is always keen to further develop my skill set.

Lisanne Dawson


Lisanne is an experienced Finance Manager with over 15 years experience working with SMEs providing excellent support and delivering accurate and timely financial information. She enjoys helping business owners achieve their objectives and implementing and improving processes and controls.



Lynne has many years of experience in finance and worked within multi-nationals and corporates as well as SME’s. She now enjoys working with various clients to implement process improvements, gain insight into financial statements and assist with budgeting and strategies


Michael qualified in 2006 whilst working for Ernst & Young in practice. Michael has held various roles within the finance functions in a range of industries and worked for large multi-nationals, start-ups and SME’s. Michael enjoys helping companies achieve their goals by identifying commercial opportunities as well as putting in place the optimal processes and procedures.

Monika Jasica


Monika has both public and private sector accounts management experience, which has provided her with vital insights into client’s expectations. She strives to build upon and exceed these demands, working within existing structures and helping to develop process improvements where required.

Monsoor Chowdhury


Monsoor is a qualified accountant with extensive experience of working in businesses of various sizes and in diverse markets, with an approach to enable growth whilst mitigating risk. Although experienced in running Finance Departments, he understands the essentialness of synergizing with all parts of the business and operating as one team. Strong on providing accurate and timely information to enable quality decision making.


There are many SMEs who have fantastic business ideas, passion, heart and grit. However, they lack the essential finance skills and knowledge, which can be detrimental to their success. Natalie is passionate about helping such SMEs gain confidence in their business’ finances by simplifying it for them and empowering them to make smart strategic decisions that drive their businesses forward, through financial education and coaching.


Natasha is a FCCA qualified accountant. She has been self-employed for the last few years, ensuring all her clients understand what the accounts are showing them, especially if they are profitable or if changes are needed.

Nicky Blugh


Nicky is an accomplished Finance Manager with 19 years’ experience in Finance. She has provided accountancy services for large blue-chip companies as well as small start-ups and SME’s and enjoys the feeling that the service provided makes a positive impact and difference to her clients.


Nitin is a qualified AAT and CIMA accountant with a MBA who has 20+ years experience working in large blue chip and SME companies across multiple industries. He is adept at using Xero, Quickbooks and Excel. He is passionate about working with SME businesses to implement meaningful financial and management information reporting systems and processes to help businesses succeed.

Pamela Tierney-Wigg


Pamela has a varied work history over the past 20 years, covering a broad array of industries. She enjoys helping non-financial directors and managers to understand the financial position of the business by presenting clear and accurate information in a user-friendly manner.


Peter is a qualified FCCA who is driven by helping SMEs achieve their strategic objectives by extracting the relevant KPIs to enable the monitoring and improvement of performance. He has a breadth of experience ranging from large blue chip companies including Gillette, BT, and Ricoh to Private Equity backed SMEs. He has gravitated to SMEs as he gets a buzz from being able to see the results of process improvements in a shorter timescale.

Petra Michelova


Petra have nearly 10 years’ accountancy experience across a wide variety of industries and likes to keep current across all areas of Taxation, Benefits, Business Development and much more to allow flexibility of working in different environments with changing priorities.


Rachel is an ACCA qualified seasoned Finance professional. Specialising in SME manufacturing and service operations. She has in-depth knowledge of building a reliable accounting team and implementing processes. With over 15 years experience in finance, she is highly adaptable and thoroughly enjoys assisting SME with growth, system changes and financial reporting

Rebecca Oatham


Rebecca adds value by identifying areas for improvement, problem-solving, implementing new processes, monitoring output, and providing meaningful management information to her clients so that they can make the right decisions for their businesses.

Regina Jevsiukova


Regina enjoys working with a variety of businesses, helping non-financial directors and managers to understand the financial position of the business in a user-friendly manner to enable good business decisions to be made.


Riccardo is a full member of the AAT who has enjoyed working for SME’s for several years. Determined and thorough, with attention to detail, he has been working in accounting for different industries helping Directors being compliant with rules and regulation.

Sarah Connor


Sarah is a Scottish Chartered Accountant who has worked in practice, commercial and public sector organisations. She quickly learns about a business to produce high quality financial and business information so she can consistently give people reports that they can understand and use.

Sen Senthuran


Since starting his career Sen has worked for various organisations of all sizes. His strengths are in working closely with ambitious business owners and managing directors, developing a robust finance function to relieve them from day to day finance management, accounting and compliance work to concentrate on developing their businesses.


Shayne is a senior finance professional, providing clients with trusted financial support to enable them to achieve their business objectives. Shayne works with clients across diverse sectors to provide expertise in areas including investment appraisal, cash flow, liquidity management, and shareholder equity management.


Shona has a wealth of experience as Financial Controller in various industries. As Managing Director of her own Company, she gives the added benefit of using her business acumen to enhance the financial reporting to her clients.


Stephen enjoys building business plans and longer term models. This can be particularly helpful for businesses looking to rise finance.


Steve is an experienced hands on FCCA accounting professional. Originally trained in practice he then moved into industry working in several sectors for divisions of blue-chip companies and SME’s. He is passionate about working with business owners, putting finance on the front foot to help them achieve success.

Sunjeda Urmy


Sunjeda is a Finance Manger who has experience of working in Practising Firm as well as a wide variety of industry experience in London. She is also very passionate about Finance, eagerly waiting for new and dynamic challenges. She has joined us to help SME’s and to share her experience, knowledge and to systemise to bring them success.


Tracy is a qualified bookkeeper and really enjoys working for a range of clients in a variety of industries. Working for SME’s provides an opportunity to really see how her role can help the business grow as well as the flexibility of working around her young family.

Gemma Reyes


Gemma is a digital marketing and communications specialist with over 17 years’ experience, gained across a range of sectors including professional and financial services, recruitment and manufacturing. With experience of working within both large global organisations and SMEs, Gemma is passionate about delivering best-in-class brand strategy and integrated marketing and communications.


Jane joined YRH back in 2009, and has the honour of being employee no. 1! She originally started off in practice as an auditor where she gained her AAT qualification but soon realised that she loved business, so made the move into industry and since then has worked as a Management Accountant/ Financial Controller.

Leigh Mclaren Brierly


Leigh, our Engagement Manager, is responsible for all our Resourcing and Operations administration. One of Leigh’s major responsibilities is Team onboarding and offboarding, however she is also involved in much of the Resourcing, Principal Accreditation, Client Delivery & GDPR. Overall, Leigh plays a vital support role, in all areas of our business.



After studying Marketing Management at University, Ling has been employed in Marketing related roles during the last 15 years, which all veered off into office management. Ling now has the opportunity to make her mark in the marketing function where she can merge her strong organisation skills with her passion for marketing, to deliver the best results.


Susie is our Talent Acquisition Professional with over 7 years experience sourcing and placing candidates within roles throughout the UK. She enjoys working through the complete recruitment lifecycle, meeting new applicants and watching our team grow.